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Why should I go running?



  • to feel your legs
  • to be grateful that you can
  • to be healthy
  • to see scenic spots
  • to sweat your balls off and get that sexy “glow”
  • to hate yourself for doing it and then feel accomplished when you did
  • to feel like you’re on Baywatch - just in fastmo
  • to feel like you’re in any movie/tv show/vid where you get an awesome background soundtrack
  • to get ready for the zombie apocalypse
  • seriously though, those World War Z zombies weren’t fucking around
  • to live longer
  • to live better
  • to race
  • to be happy
  • to beat your personal best
  • to push yourself
  • to make new running friends
  • to casually jog past that hottie you’ve been eyeing, looking kinda gross but knowing he’s like, damnnn, she runs? imma buy that bitch some sneakers. bitches love sneakers.
  • to be hardcore
  • (cuz if you run you’re hardcore)
  • to complete a 5k
  • to complete a 10k
  • to complete a 20k
  • to complete a half-marathon
  • to complete a full marathon
  • to complete the totally-obsessed-with-marathons-now-girl-or-boy status
  • to be stronger
  • to be able to eat more
  • like so much more
  • like holy fuck i can eat so much fucking food why the fuck isnt my mouth bigger time to get a mouth widener machine thing shtick mabob
  • but like, all in moderation
  • so when people say, i hate running, you can be like, yo i love that shit
  • or if you hate it, you can be like, yo me too
  • *bonding* boom you’re welcome
  • to look hot
  • cuz running makes you look hot
  • like you’re face gets super red and people are like, are you overheated?
  • to feel free

holy shit when did this get notes??


Cross Country makes you realize how short a mile is

And after the first mile, it isn’t fun anymore. The adrenaline is wearing off, the sweat is starting to build, your legs are getting weaker, the runners are more spread out. That first mile is like a blur of fans cheering and coaches yelling and runners stampeding to the marker. But once you’ve crossed that first marker, there’s a little voice in your head saying “how am I going to do two more?” It seems like the most simple task of putting one foot in front of another takes all of your energy. And that’s what cross country is about, the race isn’t easy. Nothing about cross country is easy. But the reward is so fulfilling and worth it that even though when we cross the finish line we say “never again” the next week we’re back at the starting line.
What people think cross country is



What it really is


(Source: the-will-to-prepare)